Let’s get electronic signing for legal documents to work for you!

At HNPC, we now provide electronic signing for Family Law, Corporate/Commercial and Real Estate Law, other than certain types of mortgages, wills and estates. Most banks in Canada will accept this form of signature. In this post, we provide the ground-breaking features and benefits to you of electronic signing.

Do I legally have to return to the office after working remotely?

As the pandemic subsides, some employers are saying it’s time for working at home to come to an end. But many employees are reluctant to go back to the office. What are their rights to continue working from home vs. their legal obligations to return to the office?

Planning a smooth transition is key to closing your business

The grim toll the pandemic has taken on Ontario businesses over the last two years is well known. At the start of 2022, the Ontario government announced that it will lift many of the remaining COVID-19-related business restrictions sooner than initially planned. This...

Law operations managed remotely during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are your support team in managing family court issues, real estate matters, and wills and estate planning remotely. While the Ontario government has deemed law offices and paralegal offices as essential workplaces, and has allowed them...

Reviewing Ontario’s Major Legislation in 2017

The Business of America Ontario is Business Initially attributed to American president Calvin Coolidge in 1925, this quotation might well apply (in something of a contentious way, perhaps) to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynn’s government. This past year, it...

A Corporate Christmas Gift: The Forfeited Corporate Property Act

Ontario Corporations have received a Christmas present from the Ontario government, although in this case, they might want to re-gift it. On December 16, 2016, new legislation affecting corporations comes into effect, and it might change the decision-making process...

The Yin and Yang of Choosing the Right Business Model: Part 3 of 3 Series – Incorporation

There’s a certain appeal for some people, to the idea of being incorporated, a clear sense of having made it: incorporated companies play in the major leagues: it’s no longer Adam’s Widgets, or even Adam and Eve’s Widgets; it’s now the A&E Corporation, or A&E...

The Yin and Yang of Business Models: The Partnership (Part 2 of 3 series)

The business partnership model Our last blog focused on the sole proprietorship business model. For small scale entrepreneurs, especially those just “getting their feet wet,” starting and operating a business by themselves is a viable choice. However other, obvious...

The Yin and Yang of choosing the right type of business ownership: Sole Proprietor (Part 1 of 3 series)

The sole proprietor enterprise The decision to venture from the salaried world to that of the self-employed is an exciting one, but it can be daunting, so you need to be well informed to make the best possible decisions. The first choice you need to consider,...

Signing a Commercial Lease? How well do you know Your Rights and Responsibilities?

Signing a Commercial Lease is a two-way agreement Significant differences exist in Ontario between standard commercial and standard residential leases, as well as in the laws that govern landlords and tenants. Residences are governed by the Landlord and Tenant Act,...

Corporate & Commercial Law

Howard Nightingale has successfully practiced Corporate and Commercial law in Toronto since 1982.


Corporate and Commercial Law - Howard Nightingale Professional CorporationWhy include business along with family and real estate Law? For one thing, as a client, you have no need of three separate lawyers. Once you have a relationship of trust with Howard Nightingale, regardless of the specific nature or area of your immediate concerns, as a client of Howard Nightingale, you are covered. 

U.S. President Calvin Coolidge once famously said, “The business of America is business.” True, Coolidge has faded into history and this is Canada, but we share the same capitalism/democracy spirit as our southern neighbour. And as the upturns and now downturns in the economy show, business is one of the engines that fuels the many excellent advantages of Canadian life and culture. Clearly, a strong business sector protects our Canadian way of life.

Howard Nightingale Professional Corporation provides corporate and commercial law services for his clients ranging from purchase and sale of a business to business and corporate tax issues, from sole proprietorships to partnerships, and to commercial agreements and incorporation registration.


Additional services provided by Howard Nightingale Professional Corporation include:

If you are considering which type of business model to choose, please contact Howard Nightingale Professional Corporation to discuss making the right choice in your business venture. Call 416 663-4423 (toll free at 1-877-224-8225). For additional information please visit our blog series on “The Yin and Yang of Choosing the Right Type of Business Ownership”


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