Child Support

Children are entitled to a reasonable lifestyle in accordance with the parents’ financial means.

Child Support - Family Law - Toronto Lawyer - Howard NightingaleChild support is considered to be a right of the child, because the child is entitled to a reasonable lifestyle in accordance with the parents’ financial means. It is a parent’s statutory obligation to pay child support if the child is not living with that parent.

Generally speaking, the parent with whom a child primarily resides will receive monthly child support from the other parent. In some instances, however, the issue of child support is not as straightforward as it would appear. Other factors might require consideration. For example, a person who is not the biological parent of the child may still have a duty to provide financial support for the child if that person has taken on an economic or parenting responsibility for the child in the past.

Calculating Child Support

In all cases, the amount of child support is calculated on the basis of the Child Support Guidelines, which stipulate a pre-set amount of child support to be paid, based on the payer’s level of income and the number of children requiring financial support. However, other factors such as the child’s special needs, a parent’s drastic change in income or a parent’s obligation to provide financial support for others may affect the amount of child support to be paid. In such cases, child support may be increased or decreased depending on your case’s special circumstances.

In addition to the pre-set amount of child support, parents may also be required to share the cost of additional expenses such as day-care, medical and dental expenses, extracurricular activities, and university education. Howard Nightingale will assist the client in determining what share each parent should contribute for these additional expenses.

Clients concerned that they might be liable for child support, or wondering whether they will be able to claim child support following separation, should contact Howard Nightingale to discuss their particular situation.

Child Support Calculator

This Child Support Guideline Calculator can be used to for a preliminary review of the basic amount of child support to be paid. These pre-set child support amounts are based on the child support payer’s annual income to the nearest $100.00 and the number of children entitled to child support. The actual child support amount you may be required to pay could vary depending on your individual circumstances.

To use the Child Support Guideline Calculator:

  1. go to the Ontario government
  2. enter your total annual income (before income taxes or deductions) to the nearest $100.00;
  3. enter the number of children;
  4. enter the name of the province, Ontario; and
  5. finally, press the Lookup button to review the monthly Child Support Payment.


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