Legal Coaching Services for self-representing litigants

This is a relatively new service, a concept recently established by the Ontario government, and it is available at our law firm.  It is offered to clients who wish to represent themselves in Family Court matters. It is not available for other aspects of the law, such as criminal or real estate matters, however.

Unbundling of legal services

Legal coaching is part of the concept of “unbundling” legal services. Accordingly, at our law firm, we offer a full range of legal services which are, of course, still available in the traditional client and lawyer relationship. However, those clients who wish to reduce their potential legal fees can choose which of our legal services they want or need, and which they are prepared to undertake on their own.

This is where legal coaching plays a significant role. Clients who wish to represent themselves in family court but who are unfamiliar with the court’s proceeding as well as how to deal with all of the relevant documentation are at a significant disadvantage. Howard Nightingale will provide the legal coaching enabling our clients to more effectively represent themselves in court.

Professional Qualifications

We will provide you with the information, strategic advice, and practical tips needed to be persuasive in presenting your case before the court, and then coach you in the traditions of the court so that you can use those skills effectively. Even basic aspects of the court such as where you should stand as a litigant, how to address the judge, how the court process works and how to present evidence, will give our clients greater confidence as well as make for a more persuasive and effective presentation.

Further Considerations

Perhaps the first priority of being a legal coach is helping clients to decide whether or not self-representation is for them. A more detailed and nuanced discussion of the advantages and pitfalls of being a self- representing litigant is available on my blog,  Representing yourself in Family Court? Consider Legal Coaching. After you’ve read the blog, you can take the opportunity of our free, half-hour consultation to meet with me and further consider whether you wish to engage my legal coaching services or consider the more traditional lawyer-client association.  A final word, if you do attempt the self-litigant route and find that, despite coaching, you no longer want to act as your own lawyer, you are always welcomed to have HNPS represent you.


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