A family law matter can be incredibly stressful, routed in uncomfortable decisions and unforeseen circumstances. For all intents and purposes this might be the one and only time that the affected  parties participate and actively engage with the justice system. It is critical to get it right the first time and imperative to choose a lawyer that fits, understands the individual or family’s goals and is capable of meeting in their comfort zone. Family law cases deal with private matters and clients should feel comfortable being open with their lawyers; a personal connection must be established.

It is the ultimate business decision with an outcome bestowing significant income distribution, littered with chassis destroying potholes unequalled in surprise and magnitude.



Both parties should avoid shopping around for a lawyer largely because the lawyer is held in conflict once their ex-partner meets with the counsel in question. At the same time, the personal style and connection manifested by the right lawyer is undeniable, so if there is strong aversion do not hesitate to open door number two or even number three.

The O.J. Simpson trial gripped the nation in 1994. The former NFL superstar was accused of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown. O.J. assembled the “Dream Team” of defense attorneys, who played a pivotal role in securing Simpson’s innocence. The “Dream Team” included lead attorney Robert Shapiro, Johnnie Cochran, F. Lee Bailey, Barry Scheck, Robert Kardashian and Alan Dershowitz.

It is important to remember that you are not O.J. Simpson, nor should you aspire to be. High profile lawyers do not hold the trump card and are not recommended for family law.


Referrals are recommended and simply put the most attainable option for the average hard-working Ontarian. Consulting with professional networks tends to produce good outcomes when seeking counsel in family law as opposed to other methods such as an internet search. This might include discussing the matter with accountants, investment advisors, doctors, dentists, or religious leaders.

Some review websites are peer-reviewed and credible while others are populated with lawyers that purchase a listing for advertising purposes.

“Lawyers have their duties as citizens, but they also have special duties as lawyers. Their obligations go far deeper than earning a living as specialists in corporation or tax law. They have a continuing responsibility to uphold the fundamental principles of justice from which the law cannot depart.” — Robert Kennedy



Cost is often a factor or worse a stumbling block when choosing a family lawyer. When possible, take into consideration the significance of the issue at large and match accordingly with a lawyer that has a proportional hourly rate.

A law firm’s bench strength should also be measured including their ability to efficiently delegate tasks and other cost saving instruments. Clients should not be expected to discuss their financial information with their lawyer, disclosure and financial statements should be handled by law clerks.

It is recommended that with high consequence cases the client should gain access to the greatest level of expertise regardless of the cost to ensure swift and sure justice. An example might be a complex custody matter where employing a case expert at a high hourly rate makes sense.


Take counsel with a lawyer that is truly passionate about your situation and family litigation in general.

There are lawyers that ensure that each client is treated like family. This should be clear and obvious after your first meeting whether this is the case or not. In the initial meeting it is imperative to have a constructive conversation with the prospective lawyer about your expectations and concerns. During this stage listen to counsel attentively and answer each question carefully while drawing out the conversation. Counsel should ‘think like a lawyer’ while also being compassionate, conclusively making the analysis stronger and the practice of law most notable.

Does the lawyer in question have experience in family law including spousal support, child support, division of property, family mediation, separation/divorce, and custody/parenting orders?

“In family law, justice is served through preserving the well-being of the family unit.” – Abcradio.fm


A client should ultimately source a lawyer who directs with empathy, is a good listener while at the same time knows how to deliver the straight goods.

There is nothing more satisfying or rewarding in life than stepping into a difficult situation with a family and acting as the voice of reason, delivering the best possible outcome.

“I want to make sure that no matter what position you hold, everyone has access to justice, and everyone has the right to be heard. I also believe in fighting for the underdog and fighting for what is right” – Howard Nightingale

At HNPC, our Family Law Services Team can provide you with personalized advice and support tailored to the specific circumstances of your divorce or separation.

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