Hello 2023! At HNPC, we welcome the new year by continuing to help our clients adapt to electronic signing of all legal documents in the areas of Family Law, Corporate/Commercial and Real Estate Law other than certain types of mortgages, wills and estates. The majority of banks in Canada will accept this form of signature. The program we use is DocuSign eSignature, a proven, trustworthy platform used worldwide for the signing of critical and essential agreements. Below are the main features and benefits of electronic signature signing that will make a huge difference for you:

User-friendliness – No matter where you are, you can sign online!

Sending documents electronically gives you the time to read through them carefully at your own pace and sign them with the click of a button. At HNPC, we’ll review the document with you on Zoom, then switch to DocuSign for your signing.

It’s all about convenience, simplicity and efficiency

It doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you have a computer or smart phone, and access to the internet. At HNPC, we have clients across Canada, the U.S., and all over the world, including Romania, Egypt, Croatia, Israel and Aruba, who have used electronic signing for documents related to divorce, property sales and other transactions.

Electronic Signing is faster and more cost effective

Electronic signing reduces the time it takes to prepare, send and sign documents. It also eliminates the costs of printing, sending via registered mail or courier, and storing agreements. You end up with a record of the paperwork without the effort of printing, signing, scanning and emailing.

DocuSign is more secure than paper and email attachments

DocuSign offers enterprise-grade security and compliance controls to protect your information, documents, and data. It provides multiple ways to verify a signer’s identity, like email addresses, SMS authentication, ID verification, one-time codes and more. Once the user has signed a document, an electronic record is created that serves as proof of the transaction, and, if needed, an audit trail.

Electronic signature technology is environmentally friendly

When you have to print, scan and fax in order to create and send a document with your signature, it’s not only time-consuming, but also bad for the environment. The appliances you purchase make your carbon footprint larger.

This is another area where electronic signature technology has really made a difference. It has replaced billions of pieces of paper, along with significant amounts of the waste, water, carbon and wood required to make that paper.

DocuSign eSignature, the platform we use, has to date reduced consumption of approximately 837 tons of paper or nearly 14,230 trees.

Call us to get started

At Howard Nightingale Professional Corporation, we can simplify your signings and transactions by setting you up with electronic signature signing. You won’t have to come to our office any more other than for wills and mortgages from certain banks. We can work with you on your legal matters no matter where you are, in Canada or any other country.

Contact or call us to get started at our Toronto office at 416-663-4423 or toll free at 1-877- 224-8225.

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