Wills and Powers of Attorney


Wills and Powers of Attorney must be completed to suit the client’s needs

Estate Trustee InsuranceTo ensure that the client’s wills and powers of attorney are completed to properly reflect the best interest of the client, Howard Nightingale Professional Corporation provides a clear and comprehensive workflow for our clients.

Initial Phase

The initial phase consists of meeting with the client, reviewing pertinent affairs and existing documents, and providing helpful knowledge and advice to the client while obtaining necessary information and directions from the client.

Second Phase

The second phase, drawing up the documents, is when the client’s directions and instructions are translated into the appropriate and required documents.

Final Phase

The final phase is to meet with the client to review the documents, and upon finalization, to attend on their signing. You now have the option to meet at our office in person, or virtually with the assistance of a courier, to deliver the document to be signed. If the document is signed on a virtual zoom call, we will arrange for a courier to pick up your signed document and bring it back to our office so that we can provide our signatures as witnesses. 

For more detail, please read below:

  • Meet with clients who are making their first wills and/or powers of attorney and enquiring about estate planning. Provide explanations of the various options available and undertake a general review of the client’s affairs to date. Provide information enabling the client to make effective decisions.
  • Undertake a general review of the affairs of the client who has previously established a will, powers of attorney, estate planning, trust instruments or other such documentation.
  • Arrange a follow-up meeting with clients to discuss the review.
  • Provide advice for the drafting of the instruments and obtain any additional information required to draw up the documents.
  • For established wills, Howard Nightingale will draw up the codicils (amendments) or replacement documents as required. Codicils are useful when there are small changes to an existing will, such as altering the designated executor. However, a number of amendments can complicate the document to the point where Howard Nightingale Professional Corporation might advise drawing up a new will in order to clarify and better protect the client’s wishes.
  • Draw up the will or codicil, or powers of attorney for property decisions or personal care decisions, and any trust instruments, as part of estate planning.
  • Presentation and attending on signing.


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